Boco Fit is a private, boutique fitness center focused on the wellness of our clientele. We center on transformational outcomes in spirit, mind & body. We believe that exercise is the difference between survive and THRIVE!

  1. Partners in Corporate Wellness

    Healthy employees make productive and happy employees. Let Boco Fit help your organization optimize wellness!

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  2. Botique Gym Access

    Access to one of our three boutique fitness centers in downtown Nashville… and an executive experience.

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  3. 3D Body Scans

    Our 3D body scanner provides accurate measurements, weight, body fat percentage, bone density and posture. Start with your baseline scan and track your progress.

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  4. Coaching & Personal Training

    Boco Fit specializes in functional training and clientele over 50 years. Ask us about the “Forever Fox Club”!

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  5. DNA Core

    A program designed with genetic testing to accurately guide your nutrition and fitness journey.

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  6. Nutrition Plans + Coaching

    Molly Gilles is a Nutritionist with 7 years of successful experience in helping individuals (and organizations) understand how to eat for weight management and vitality.

Interested in a comprehensive fitness solution? Explore our new Geneus program!