Fitness For Your Unique Genetics

DNA Core is designed to guide you on your journey to live a healthier and more active life, and help you reach your weight management and health goals.

This test is for anyone looking for personalized insights into the core components of your health including weight management, exercise strategies, diet and lifestyle interventions, and nutraceutical supplements.

DNA Core reinvents the way that genetic information is communicated and provides easy-to-follow tailor-made interventions to support your genes for improved longevity and decreased risk of chronic disease.

Studies have shown that dietary intake and nutrition knowledge is greatly improved in individuals who received personalised nutrition advice as compared to generalized dietary advice.

The selection of genes included in the DNA Core test have multiple peer review studies examining how variations in these genes may contribute to differences in health, diet and exercise interventions.

Use your DNA to achieve your fitness goals faster and more efficiently. Are you ready to get started?